Why AIcompany?

Why we do this is a very simple question, and very simple to answer. We simply just love playing around with Machine Learning! Anything ranging from implementing complex business solutions, to building algorithms that allow you to predict, less important, but funny things. Therefore our mission remains the same today, as it was when we first started: help out everyone interested in making artificial intelligence a success!

Our Mission (The KIT)


AI is becoming more important in our world and day to day lives. The future is uncertain, but we know the impact of AI will be enormous in the years to come. We must educate people about these changes before it will affect our lives. With so much misinformation circulating these days, we need a place where relevant information is concisely, clearly and academically provided to the world. So we decided to take matters into our own hands and provide the world with deep and practical knowledge about this revolutionary technology. An innovation that will greatly affect the things we know and the societies we live in.


AI is inseparably connected with technology and business. To accelerate innovation we provide all types of business with hands-on knowledge of AI implementations in their business. By offering proven frameworks, actionable business plans and an enormous open source library, we offer the tools for success in all industries. Our readiness test® offers a fast and fun way to pinpoint the areas that need improvement before implementing AI.


By encouraging people to expand their knowledge, new talent is created. We developed a concrete curriculum for AI business experts and called it the AI Bible. Build your skill-set, grow your talent and test your knowledge by completing our AI Assessment. Become one of the first experts as AI business analyst and start designing the future.


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