AIcompany provides consulting services whenever your organisation is migrating to, or is about to, new machine learning implementations or predictive business intelligence projects. We can help you solve your business implementation needs. We will set you up with industry specific experts.  The consult will be conducted with a minimum of two experts (industry/business & engineer). 


In 2017 we had limited time for development of new machine learning solutions. The good news is that we have significantly increased our development capabilities due to new partners. We are more than happy to help out and solve your business implementation needs. 

Please be aware you also have to do a little homework in advance to ensure a more effective consult. We want you to identify the following matters and share them prior to the consult! 



We care about your privacy and your data.  Sharing privacy-sensitive information is not required. The purpose is (obviously) to ensure that our specialists and industry experts are able to get a deeper understanding of your organization and business case. 



- Overall strategic company goals

- Identify core (business) processes

- Identify data governance structures

- Current IT infrastructure & possible integrations

- Available talent / human resources 

- Internal challenges 


Lets have some fun and start designing the future!