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We provide consulting services when your organisation is migrating to, or is about to, start new machine learning implementations or predictive business intelligence projects. Our first intake will be conducted with a minimum of two experts; industry / business expert and architect / software engineer.


We are happy to help your business with integration and implementation needs. To start, we will explore if our pre-build software components are relevant and can be applied to your business solution. We offer pre-build models in the field of: Computer vision, Language Processing (chatbots) and Recommendation models. This means we might be able to implement valuable models without many software changes.

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You want us to build and deploy (end to end) a model that fits your business needs and is fully integrated in current IT landscapes? We are experienced in building new, often highly complex solutions across different industries. With help of Agile development our clients are in control in both experimenting and developing new machine learning projects. 



We care about your privacy and your data.  Sharing privacy-sensitive information is not required. The purpose is (obviously) to ensure that our specialists and industry experts are able to get a deeper understanding of your organisation and business case. 


Tell us about yourself: 

✓ Overall strategic company goals

✓ Identify core (business) processes

✓ Identify data governance structures

✓ Current IT infrastructure & possible integrations

✓ Available talent / human resources 

✓ Internal challenges

✓ Sign our NDA agreement


Lets have some fun and start designing the future!