Q&A Frequently asked questions

What is the refund or cancellation policy?

Purchased Fee’s are fully refundable. Please contact us and we are happy to help you. Please provide us with the order ID, Name, and Email address. The order must have been placed in the last 12 months. Once initiated on our end, the refund may take two or three business days to process. Read more in our privacy policy.

Training and exam

How do I prepare for the AIcompany Essentials Exam?

The AIcompany Machine Learning Essentials credential is considered medium/difficult to earn, as it is used to demonstrate the certificate holder’s ability solve advanced, complex problems in real-world business applications of Artificial Intelligence. Anyone attempting the exam should have advanced knowledge of all AIcompany frameworks and provided learning materials.

As a first step, AIcompany recommends that you review the different subject areas given in the learning materials. Look through these learning areas and see in what correlating categories you feel knowledge can be improved the most and search other external resources to get a better understanding, most of these knowledge areas have open source and free training materials.

The AIcompany training materials covers the entire exam, but in order to get a better understanding of real life business applications areas we recommend to look at external parties, such as:




During the exam

Diligently track your time as you go through the exam questions.

Carefully read each question to make sure your answer covers each point being asked. For example, the most common mistake we see is in some cases it is states ‘more then one answer can be right’, in which actually two given answers are correct. In this case only submitting one correct answer would mean half the points. Look for question marks within the question to help you determine if multiple points are being asked. Spare budget for extra time at the end to review and polish your answers.


Here is a sample AIcompany Machine Learning Essentials question:

Which of the following statements describes why there is an increased interest in Machine Learning the last few years?   


Bad Answer:

New groundbreaking discoveries in frameworks for neural networks


Why this is a bad answer:

It does not address nor explain how, from a business point of view, recent activities led to increased interest. In the AIcompany Learning Materials it also states that Neural Network frameworks and technology is something that finds it’s roots in 1980. The technique itself is neither new nor groundbreaking.


Bad Answer:

The number of competitors in the data storage markets.


Why this is a bad answer:

This answer is actually not entirely wrong. An increased number of competitors will most likely lead to more affordable data storage markets and reasons why companies are trying to do more with their data. However, this answer does not mention an ‘increased number of competitors’, so it is hard to argue that this answer covers a proper cause, and more importantly, the last provided answer provides us with a ‘more complete’ overview. Lets take a look.


Good Answer:

Growing volumes and varieties of available data, computational processing power that is cheaper and more affordable data storage.


Why is this a good answer:

Twenty years ago scientists were more then capable of creating Machine Learning models. However, the way companies stored their data in order to create proper Machine Learning implementations was quite devious, and difficult. This answer provides a great overview of causes leading up to the more recent activities.


What if I am having technical problems during the exam?


Users have reported this problem as being resolved by taking the following steps:

Under the Internet Options on your browser, select Connections / LAN Settings. Turn off the Proxy server radio button. Access may also be blocked if you are trying to attempt the assessment from a school or company network, as they may have firewall settings that interfere with the assessment. Please be aware that the timer is able to freeze in these cases, but we see in practice that the timers keeps running throughout your technical problem for at least a few minutes. Therefore AIcompany recommends you to do the exam from a place with good internet connection. Please contact us in the case of a technical problem, since we are able to see when you ‘logged-off’ from the server, and in most cases we are able to help you out.


How do I obtain a receipt of proof of payment?

This will be done automatically after you placed an order. You will receive a confirmation email with a link to download your invoices. If the email does not have this link, or you did not received this email, please contact us and we are happy to help you.

If your company requires you to provide proof of payment for reimbursement, please check with your organisation’s financial department before placing an order to ensure you include all of the required information. Please note that there are no specific fields for VAT or NIP/TIN (tax identification number), so please include that information as part of the company name, within the address, or as an order comment.


How much are Machine Learning Essentials exams?

The fee is 50 US Dollar


Is it possible to get a discount on my exam? 

Typically we don't offer discounts. However, special considerations may be made on a case-by-case basis. Please contact us and we are happy to help.


How many times can I try to pass the exam? 

Each password code / link is good for one attempt only at AIcompany’s Machine Learning Essentials Exam. If you would like to attempt the assessment again, you must purchase another password. There is no limit to how many times you can take an assessment, nor is there a period of time you must wait before making another attempt.


How should I add my certificate to my CV / LinkedIn profile? 

To add your Machine Learning Essentials certification to your LinkedIn profile, click on “Add certifications” when editing your LinkedIn profile.


Certification Name: Machine Learning Essentials Certified (AIcompany)

Certification Authority: AIcompany

License Number: See certificate

Time Period: Use the date you passed your assessment, and click the button to indicate that the certification does not expire.


Where can I find the AIcompany training materials? 

The AIcompany training materials can be found at:



The AIcompany bible is currently available in over 4 languages.  Founded at first in both English (Amsterdam *R) and Cantonese (Hong Kong *R). AIcompany is updating all training documents to the most recent version. However, we highly recommend to not only read the AIcompany training materials to get a great overview of Machine Learning applications. Questions often ask test-takers to interpret information and apply it to challenging situations, so knowledge gained from personal experience and other sources is typically needed.

The AIcompany exam is currently only available in English. To maximize your understanding of the AIcompany framework and training materials we suggest to first study Machine Learning articles in your native language.


Is it possible to specialise in a more technical way and build Machine Learning models myself?

Unlike other certifying organisations, AIcompany focuses on business implementations and use of Machine Learning and understanding the essential basics in order to create real life solutions.  These courses therefore have standardised curriculum delivered by Professional Experts who have undergone a rigorous selection process. You can be confident in the quality and value the training will provide. However, for learning how to build Machine Learning models in different program languages such as python and R, we highly recommend the following party:



I just completed the exam, how do I can my certificate?

All students receive, after successfully completion, within 1-3 business days an official and personal signed PDF certificate. Upon request, a physical hard copy can be send. Please contact us and we are happy to help you.


Can I reference to AIcompany in my Blog or company page?

We appreciate and commend your enthusiasm to contribute your experience and knowledge with the rest of the world. We are passionate about getting people more involved with Machine Learning and all possible solutions. Please contact us and we are happy to help.


Do I get feedback on how I did on the exam?

After you complete the Machine Learning Essentials Exam, you will automatically be sent a feedback summary and on the top your total scores.

We are unable to provide the highest level of transparency for our exam, because we feel that doing so could inhibit learning. This is why we provide feedback in the form of a bar graph depicting how well you scored in each category, so you can better focus your studies in the areas you are weakest in.

We highly suggest that you refer to the subject areas score breakdown (bar graph) that was provided in the feedback summary email. This bar graph displays how well you scored in each of the subject areas on the assessment.


Is the AIcompany Machine Learning assessment available in other languages?

All of our assessments are available in English & Cantonese only. To maximise your understanding of the Machine Learning training materials we are bringing out Dutch, German, French, and Swedish version soon (+- 08-2017).  


Is there anything that AIcompany considers ‘key’ in the learning process?

Yes, having fun with Machine Learning is our most important value. We believe that when you are having fun with Machine Learning, the innovative models will come more natural. Good luck, and have fun!


How do I book a one-hour AI implementation consult?

First of all, please contact us and we are happy to help (info@aicompany.co)

Please be aware you also have to do a little homework in advance to ensure a more effective consult. We want you to identify the following matters:


•          Overall strategic company goals

•          Identify core business processes

•          Identify data governance structures

•          Current IT infrastructure

•          Available talent/human resources


Please share them with us prior the consult.


I booked the consult, but do I really need to share company details?

Sharing privacy-sensitive information is not required. The purpose here is obviously that our Artificial Intelligence specialists and Industry experts are able to get a deeper understanding of your organization. We highly recommend you do in order for us to get maximum value out of the consult. We threat all your information with the highest confidentiality. We are happy to sign contracts concerning privacy.


What are the costs for a one-hour AI implementation consult? 

We have flat rate of $800 per consult. Upon request we can do more then one consulting session. However, this is not our aim. Please contact us and we are happy to help.


The solution overview per industry is interesting, but can I get extra information per specific solution?

Please contact us and we are happy to help. In all honesty, we do have more experience with certain solutions then others. Therefore we are able to provide you with more information on the ones we worked closely with.


Who came up with the ‘impact’ analyses provided in the solution overview?

One of our industry experts in collaboration with AI specialists. These impact analyses are not set in stone and can obviously be interpreted differently. We are happy to get discussions started. Please contact us, we would really appreciate it.


For further questions, please contact info@aicompany.co.