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Artificial Intelligence is rapidly disrupting industries, if internet was putting technology in the second gear, AI is the fifth. The difference this time is the impact on jobs. Internet automated many jobs, but created even more over the time that it was implemented (McKinsey). 

It is time to join the field with fastest growing professions
by becoming online certified.


How you will do this

What do you gain?

  • Machine Learning definitions
  • How to Pre-process data
  • Eight Different Machine Learning Methods
  • Deep Learning / Artificial Neural Networks
  • Data Security & Ethics
  • Organizational readiness, specific for AI
  • Pilot Frameworks
  • Talent Frameworks
  • Hardware Requirements
  • In depth expertise in your own industry
  • Proof of Capabilities (CV / Resume)

What does it cost you?

  • Inevitably time to study. However, a considerable small investment on reading about a cool subject
  • Motivation. If you need some motivational help, we made an AI crash course to make it even easier
  • $49. In order to maintain the highest-quality standards for our training materials and assessments.


Study Material (free)

Download the Bible and expand your knowledge in the field of Machine Learning. Learn the essentials of ML and the managerial skills and frameworks to implement ML into businesses.

AI Practice Exam

We've selected 15 practice questions for you to train for the Machine Learning Essentials . Check out our open assessment to test your knowledge for free!

The Crash Course (free)

You could also try our AI Crash Course and get tutored along the way. Put your email on the member list and get a weekly email with summary and case studies on the ML Essentials Assessment.

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Machine Learning Essentials Assessment

You will set your skills in stone and become the expert by building your resume with the ML Essentials Certificate. 

Fee:  $49
Time limit:  50 minutes
Number of questions:  60
Passing score:  80%
Language:  English
Type of questions:  Multiple choice, Statement questions, True/False
Entree requirements:  None. However, you should study the AI Bible extensively.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does a ML Essentials Certification help me in my career?
You would be able, in combination with your domain expertise, to join any Artificial Intelligence or Business Intelligence project. We also found that ML Essentials Certification is especially helpful for helping managers in cost allocation, strategic decision making, and composing an AI implementation /solution core team. 


What if I am having technical problems during the exam?
Under the Internet Options on your browser, select Connections / LAN settings. It might help to turn off all Proxy Server radio buttons. Please be aware that the timer is able to freeze in case of a technical difficulty, however, we see in practice that the timer keeps running for at least a few minutes. Please contact us, since we are able to see when you 'Logged-off' from the server, and in most cases we able to help you out. 




What is the refund or cancellation policy?Purchased Fee’s are fully refundable. Please contact us and we are happy to help you. Please provide us with the order ID, Name, and Email address. Once initiated on our end, the refund may take two or three business days to process. Read more in our privacy policy.


How should I add my certificate to my CV / LinkedIn profile?
To add your Machine Learning Essentials certification to your LinkedIn profile, click on “Add certifications” when editing your LinkedIn profile.

Certification Name: Machine Learning Essentials Certified (AIcompany)

Certification Authority: AIcompany

License Number: See certificate

Time Period: Certification does not expire.

Please see below for visual assistance.


How to Add Our Certificate to Your Resume

We found that it helps recruiters to find you by adding the certification in the following way.

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