Test your company's readiness for A.I. implementations and if not get a roadmap to get there asap.

A.I. Readiness Test

Have you been wondering if your company could be improved by the power of A.I.? Here at AIcompany, we are specialised in finding the perfect implementation of Machine Learning algorithms for every company.

Check if your industry is in the list above and read what others in your field are implementing already. Then do our A.I. Readiness Test for free.
See if you can start innovating right away or get a roadmap of next steps to get to your company A.I. ready!

"Nowadays, 80% of the time an A.I. project team spends, is by preparing the company's infrastructure and data governance".


We offer free material for the whole range of learning levels. From beginner to expert. Grow to become the AI business expert in your field.

Open-Source Software and Training Materials

In order to successfully complete your assessment, AIcompany maintains a high quality standard for our training material. Through guidance from the most recent industry leaders and the most prominent professors in the field of AI we created the AIcompany Machine Learning Guide that enables all students to get a profound theoretical understanding as wel as recognising sustainable business value opportunities.

Open assessments are free, allowing you to gauge your basic knowledge of Machine Learning and prepare for the official Professional Machine Learning Essentials assessments.


Test your knowledge and expand your resume with the certificate in the field of Machine Learning.

Machine Learning Essentials Assessment 

With help of the Machine Learning Essentials assessments you are able to enhance and improve your knowledge of Machine Learning and AI (ai). Besides gaining knowledge in the most recent theoretical Machine Learning fields you will also gain knowledge of the more practical applicabilities, like a deepening understanding in Company 'readiness', Company Transition. Feasibility and opportunities per industry/sector in order to create sustainable business value.  

Book Your Consult

Receive custom-made advice on your AI implementations with the help of our industry experts in a "face-to-face" consult.

One hour AI Implementation Consult

AIcompany provides reliable high quality consulting services if your organisation is migrating to new machine learning or business intelligence projects, we can help you solve your business implementation needs. AIcompany will directly set you up with our best solution experts depending on your industry. The consult will take place in the form of a WebEx meeting, in order to ensure high quality face-to-face communication. The consult will be conducted with a minimum of two industry experts (depending on your industry). Please be aware you also have to do a little homework in advance to ensure a more effective consult. We want you to identify the following matters:

  • Overall strategic company goals

  • Identify core business processes

  • Identify data governance structures

  • Current IT infrastructure

  • Available talent/human resources

For further questions concerning the consult. Check out:
The FAQ on consulting